Ice Prison

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Ice Prison

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An Ice Prison is created if a Veteran Corrupted Ice Elemental hits an enemy object with its Ice Prison skill, encasing them in ice, or if a player stands in an Ice Storm. Players can attempt to break out themselves or may be assisted by other players.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Break Free.png Break Free 1 Attempt to escape from your icy cage.


  • If a player is caught in an Ice Prison the only skill they have is Break Free, as skills 2 to 5 will be blank, and 6-9 will be locked.
    • Elementalists will not have access to their Overloads.
  • Upon breaking out, the player gains 15 seconds of Warmth if in Bitterfrost Frontier.
Ice Prisons can be damaged and broken by enemy attacks.