Help the weak ogres of Degun Shun tame new pets

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Help the weak ogres of Degun Shun tame new pets

Heretic Plain
(Blazeridge Steppes)
Event type
Event fist (tango icon).png Dynamic event
Interactive map

Interactive map

Help the weak ogres of Degun Shun tame new pets is a level 46 event in Heretic Plain.


  • Pen capacity: x% full


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 3,124 Experience.png 225 Karma 52 Copper coin
Silver 2,656 Experience.png 192 Karma 45 Copper coin
Bronze 2,343 Experience.png 169 Karma 39 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 46 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.



  • Hawp
  • Jawp
  • Naowp
  • Rauwp
  • Tamed Devourer Hatchling
  • Tamed Moa
  • Tamed Vulture Raptor
  • Tamed Warthog



Before the event
Rauwp: It hurts to see an empty pen.
Hawp: But it's so hard to fill. The beasts outside the village are tough.
Naowp: We can be better ogres.
Rauwp: We can try.
Event start
Rauwp: First we weaken it.
Jawp: Then, it obeys.
Hawp: The beasts do what we say.
Naowp: Yep. Hurt them until they like you.
During the event
Hawp: (sniff) Mmmm. This one smells good enough to be my ally. (approaching an animal)
Hawp: Ow! (being overwhelmed)
Hawp: Strong pets make strong masters. Go now to your master's pen. (after taming a pet)
Jawp: It looks cuddly. That has to be good. (approaching an animal)
Jawp: (crying) (being overwhelmed)
Jawp: I will love him, and I will pet him, and I will call him George. Go home, George. (after taming a pet)
Naowp: I like this one. It looks strong. (approaching an animal)
Naowp: No! It's too strong! (being overwhelmed)
Naowp: You're mine! Heel. (after taming a pet)
Rauwp: I sense courage and might here. I'll take this one. (approaching an animal)
Rauwp: Incredibly tough. (being overwhelmed)
Rauwp: Hurrah! A strong one for me. Now go home! (after taming a pet)