Help the Pact crew reach Stentor Cannonade

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Help the Pact crew reach Stentor Cannonade

Interactive map

Interactive map

Help the Pact crew reach Stentor Cannonade is a level 73 event that takes place in Strait of Malediction and leads into Signal Peak.


  • Crew members alive: x/5
  • Revive the fallen Pact crew members.


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 12,936 Experience.png 347 Karma 81 Copper coin
Silver 10,996 Experience.png 295 Karma 69 Copper coin
Bronze 9,702 Experience.png 260 Karma 61 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 73 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.






Explorer Nami: (sigh) We've come this far. Salvage anything you can carry. We'll head for safer territory.
Dialogue (quoted) with the NPCs
Agent Suitne: It's good we're moving on from the wreckage, but we're too vulnerable to the Risen.
Crusader Anna: I didn't realize how much I love dry land until we were trapped on the floor of this evil sea.
Explorer Nami: Come on now. Time to move.
Agent Kanan: Best to keep moving. These waters are dangerous.
Explorer Chiquel: Nami's overcompensating for the failure of our mission by insisting we carry the scraps of our cargo.
Upon success
Explorer Nami: We made it!
Agent Kanan: Ah, fresh air!
Explorer Chiquel: And solid ground.
Exlorer Nami: Let's stay here for a few minutes and catch our breaths. We'll deliver the remainder of the supplies before acquiring a new ship.
Crusader Anna: Shouldn't pose a problem.
Agent Suitne: Agreed. We've got a better chance of survival on land than on sea.
Explorer Nami: Come on now. Time to move.
The group moves further inland where Nami becomes a merchant.
After several minutes
Agent Suitne: It's time to move. The captain will be expecting to hear from us soon.
Explorer Nami: You're right. Let's drop off the rest of these supplies and head back to try again with a new ship.
The group heads off to a tent outside Oceanside Ordnance, where they despawn.