Help the Kahloipoi guards rescue Aaminah

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Help the Kahloipoi guards rescue Aaminah

Interactive map

Interactive map

Help the Kahloipoi guards rescue Aaminah is a level 79 group event that occurs in Whisper Bay and Drowned Brine.


  • Kahloipoi rescue squad alive: x


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 17,714 Experience.png 374 Karma 87 Copper coin
Silver 15,057 Experience.png 318 Karma 74 Copper coin
Bronze 13,286 Experience.png 281 Karma 65 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 79 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





At the quaggan village
Fisher: Quaggan was swimming quickly past the krait-place and saw our largos friend in a cage!
Guard Russhaa: Our largos-friend risked her life defending our village. Quaggan wants to help her this time.
Varunos Parump: You make quaggan proud. Take the other guards with you. Quaggans will be fine here until you return.
Upon reaching Aaminah
Aaminah: So...weak. I cannot...get free.
Guard Russhaa: The lock won't budge. Aaminah has a sickness. Quaggans must get her out quickly!
Risen Krait Hypnoss: What's the rush, little ones? Zhaitan has a use for you as well. (hiss)
Upon defeating the Risen Krait Hypnoss
Guard Russhaa: The cage is open! Quickly, follow quaggan back to the village.
Upon returning to the village
Varunos Parump: Squish a krait and drown a krait and see how it sinks. Whack a krait and thwack a krait and, oooooh, now it stinks!
Guard Russhaa: Quaggans were able to rescue our largos-friend, Varonos. But she is sick. Maybe poisoned.
Varunos Parump: You must stay here and rest. Quaggans will prepare a hut and take care of you.
Aaminah: No. I prefer to recover alone.
Aaminah: Your people have earned my attention, Varonos. Perhaps you are not as soft as you look. I'll see you again. Soon.