Help Roarr Fatereave deliver supplies to Raintimber Mill

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Help Roarr Fatereave deliver supplies to Raintimber Mill

Interactive map

Interactive map

Help Roarr Fatereave deliver supplies to Raintimber Mill is a level 23 event that takes place in Nemus Groves.


  • Roarr Fatereave
  • Event bar.jpg


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 934 Experience.png 122 Karma 28 Copper coin
Silver 794 Experience.png 104 Karma 24 Copper coin
Bronze 701 Experience.png 92 Karma 21 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 23 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





At start
Ratha Timberbreaker: Hey! I need you to send word to Redreave Mill. We need supplies before we can make our repairs here.
Crick Mapcutter: Understood. I'll make sure they send someone right away.
At Redreave Mill
Killen Sparkeye: Another one? Well, advance carefully. There are Separatists under every branch.
Roarr Fatereave: Yeah, yeah. I hear ya.
Roarr Fatereave: (growl) I've been spotted by Separatists."
Roarr Fatereave: You'll regret messing with me!
Separatist Basher: Foolish feline. You've made a grave mistake, and you'll pay for it with your life!
Last ambush
Roarr Fatereave: You don't stand a chance! Even if I am outnumbered.
Separatist Engineer: The death of even one charr is a great victory, and we shall have it!
Roarr Fatereave: Die, cowards!
Roarr Fatereave: Enjoy a nice, painful death!
Upon event completion
Roarr Fatereave: Delivery complete, straight from the legions' number one lumber factory, Redreave Mill.
Ratha Timberbreaker: The inventory looks right. Now we can make our repairs and get production back to one hundred percent.
Roarr Fatereave: Hey. I risked my tail walking through that forest! No need to thank me or anything.
Ratha Timberbreaker: Redreave has been compensated. You better get your tail back there before you fall behind.
Roarr Fatereave: (growl) Just remember who you call on when you need something! Redreave will never fall behind Raintimber!