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Guild Experience

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Guild Experience is experience acquired by guilds. It is used to progress the restoration of Guild Halls, as well as to gate some of the Guild Hall Upgrades. It is acquired by building or obtaining Guild Hall upgrades.


As a guild's level increases, new upgrades will become available for purchase in the guild hall. Accumulating 100 Guild Experience points will raise the Guild Level by 1, up to level 69.


Upgrade Type Guild Experience Gain
Guild Hall Acquisition (once) 100
Guild Hall Expansion (requires Guild Level 40) 100
Building Upgrade 100
Secondary Upgrades1 35
Merchant, Repair Anvil & Vault Access2 10
Guild Portal 100

1 Secondary upgrades include Scribing recipes, building enhancements and guild benefits.
2 Minor upgrades (i.e. Guild Bank access, Merchant and Repair Anvil) can be bought for Gold and Guild Favor without any Aetherium requirement.