Great Golem Uprising of 1284

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Halt. Desist. You—will—be—termina—(bzzzt) Reset. Good—day, citizen. Carry—on.

— Rata Sum Protector

The Great Golem Uprising of 1284 AE is an event occasionally mentioned by the older citizens of Rata Sum.[1] It's possible that it happened as a result of Snaff losing control of his golems,[2] and Peacemaker golems thereafter have been fitted with a sedition inhibitor that prevents any insurgent behavior.[1] If the sedition inhibitor could be somehow suppressed, there would be trouble.

Peacemaker Officers have expressed concern that the current Peacemaker-to-golem ratio (1:10) is intimidatingly low.[3] Recently, the golems have been acting up again, but when pressed the Inquest refuse to divulge any involvement.[1]

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