Golem (Short Fuse)

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This transformation is applied to characters during Short Fuse by the Hazmat Suit effect. It is a "special golem rig" supplied by Zojja to compete in the golem showdown in Hexane Regrade.

Mechanically, this transformation is superficially similar to the consumable Hazmat Suit. Unlike the effect in Unscheduled Delay, this suit does not alter your statistics. The skills and appearance are also more in line with a Type I Golem.


Appearance of the golem.
# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Punch.png Punch 1 Punch your foe.
2 Launch Fist.png Mega Punch 10.25¼ 8 Blast your foe with a super powered[sic] punch.
3 Gatling Fists.png Weaken Armor 30.75¾ 25 Pound on your foe's armor with a series of punches.
4 Self Repair.png Rocket Volley 2 30 Launch a salvo of explosive rockets.
5 Pull (Siege Golem).png Self-Repair 2 30 Engage the Hazmat suit's self-repair mechanism.
6-0 Skill.png Locked Skill You cannot use this skill.


  • This transformation disables the character's profession mechanic and replaces the character's weapon skills.

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