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June 28, 2018

Update - June 28, 2018[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • The Head of the SnakeBreaking the Siege: Fixed a bug that caused the wrong cinematic to play.
  • Fixed an issue in the Xera encounter in which side islands did not have their collision detection in place before players were teleported to them.
  • Fixed a client crash caused by mousing over the Sticky Spider Web condition in the Deepstone fractal.
  • Fixed a rare blocking issue in the maze section of Deepstone.
  • Fixed an issue in which failing the maze event in Deepstone could block progress.

Late Note[edit]

Fixed an issue in which the Winterberry Bush Node was incrementing progress for the Daily Berry Acquisition achievement in the Bitterfrost Frontier.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]

  • Build: 90,134