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August 11, 2015

Update - August 11, 2015[edit]

Balance, Bug-Fixing, Polish[edit]

Personal Story[edit]

  • Fixed the story step "Victory or Death" to allow turret and anvil interactions during the airship phase, enabling Personal Story completion.

Profession Skills[edit]


Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store[edit]

New Items and Promotions[edit]

  • The new Dwayna's weapon set is available at vendors for the limited-time price of 1 complete Black Lion Claim Ticket from a Black Lion Chest. Keys are available in the Special category of the Gem Store for 125 gems.
  • The Boosts category of the Gem Store has been reworked. All previous boosters are no longer available. Previously purchased boosters will still work.
    • A new Experience Booster is now available that grants 50% additional experience from all sources and game types, including WvW and PvP reward tracks, and gives a killstreak bonus on enemy NPCs.
    • A new Item Booster is now available that grants crafting, gathering, and magic find benefits from a single source and summons a merchant if the player's inventory is full after gathering resources.
    • A new Heroic Booster is now available that grants both Item Booster and Experience Booster effects.
    • Single Experience Booster and Item Booster prices have been reduced by 33% permanently.
    • Karma Boosters are now available exclusively from in-game rewards.
    • For a limited time, you can claim a free Heroic Booster by visiting the Gem Store.


Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]

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