Game updates/2014-09-15

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Update - September 15, 2014[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed an issue in which World versus World maps displayed a "New Build is Available" message and redirected players to Lion's Arch at the wrong time.
  • Frost Spirit.png Frost Spirit: Removed the internal cooldown from this spirit's passive effect.
  • Removed messages about world association for WvW Fall Tournament 2014. Players earn rewards based on their home world's tournament results, not by their participation with another world. If you earn an achievement, remember to collect your rewards by visiting the Battle Historian after each round!
  • Fixed a bug that increased the time needed to progress from level 20 to level 30.
  • Fixed a server crash and various client crashes.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]

  • The "Collectible" line that appeared in certain champion loot bags was removed.
  • In the bank panel, double clicking on an item no longer moves it to the bank unless it's a stackable item and there is already a stack of that item in the bank.
  • In the Equipment view of the Equipment panel, all other item types are no longer hidden when a specific slot is selected.
  • Build: 38,990