Free an Order of Whispers agent from pirates

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Free an Order of Whispers agent from pirates

Interactive map

Interactive map

Free an Order of Whispers agent from pirates is a level 49 dynamic event that occurs in Merchantman's Strait.


  • Provoke a pirate mutiny.
  • Help the agents escape.
  • Prison cage
  • Event bar.jpgEvent swords (tango icon).png
  • Time limit: x:xx


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 3,661 Experience.png 239 Karma 55 Copper coin
Silver 3,112 Experience.png 203 Karma 47 Copper coin
Bronze 2,746 Experience.png 179 Karma 42 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 49 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.


Before the event, Fisherman Cass appears out of a closed tent in the village west of Stormbluff Waypoint, swimming across the channel to Merchantman's Strait and stands next to Fisherman Carter. Defeat the Crafty Corsairs on the island to obtain a trophy Pirate Outfit. At this point player may give the trophy to Carter causing Cass to become Agent Cass (Disguised) to start the event. She moves to the cave entrance and has a dialog with the gatekeeper and the gate is opened.

Look for a torch at the back of the cave and use it to "light" the pirate bomb. (Alternately speak to the First mate and urge him to mutiny. He will light the bomb) It explodes and after some dialog a large fight breaks out. Break out the Whispers Prisoner from the cage, mop up any remaining pirates, and break down the gate within the time limit to successfully complete the event.

Success leads to a small fight outside and the allies swim back over to Fisherman Carter, while the prisoner becomes Agent Jensen, who serves as a merchant for a short while.





Fisherman Carter : It's not much, but it'll do. Ready, dear?
Fisherman Cass: I was born ready.
Agent Cass (Disguised): So, how do I look?
Fisherman Carter: You look like a pirate. You smell like low tide, though.
Agent Cass (Disguised): Then, I smell like a pirate too. Excellent.
Fisherman Carter: Just get in, get our man, and get out. Save your usual theatrics for another time.
Pirate Gatekeeper: Stop! Who goes there?
Agent Cass (Disguised): Who does it look like, your bloody mother? Let me in, you slimy grog-bucket.
Pirate Gatekeeper: Grr. Well, who's that with you?
Agent Cass (Disguised): I know you don't have any friends, but that doesn't mean I don't have any.
Pirate Gatekeeper: You think you're pretty funny. Well, I'm watching you, little girl.
Veteran Crafty Corsair Captain: What the—you'll blow us all to smithereens! Have you completely lost it?
Veteran First Mate: No! This here is a mutiny! We've had it with your rotten schemes.
Veteran Crafty Corsair Captain: I'm to step aside, simply because you've lit a bomb? Ha! I'd rather be blasted to bits than leave your sort in charge.
Whispers Prisoner: I've seen better plans.
Agent Cass (Disguised): Now's our chance! Help me get this cage open!
Whisper's Agent: Cover me!
Agent Cass (Disguised): Hold on a second. There's just one more thing to do.
Agent Cass (Disguised): We don't want this thing going off...or do we?
Whispers Agent: What are you doing Let's get out of here!
Agent Cass (Disguised): I'll just cut this fuse and—oh gods—run!
Agent Cass (Disguised): Oops! That's going to draw some attention!
Agent Cass (Disguised): Success!
Whispers Agent: Now that's a view.
Fisherman Carter: Explosions, now? I thought I told you, "No theatrics."
Agent Cass (Disguised): It was a pirate base full of explosives. How could I resist?
Fisherman Carter: No matter. Just get yourself to the safehouse. I'll stay here and debrief our agent.


If Agent Cass is defeated during the event, she may refuse to move causing the event to fail.
  • This event takes ~5 minutes to respawn if it was completed; however, if it failed, it'll take ~15 minutes to respawn instead.