Fortified Wall

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Fortified Wall

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World versus World

Fortified Walls are upgraded walls that defend towers, keeps, and Stonemist Castle from invaders. Siege weapons allow players to destroy walls and supply can be used to repair them.

Related world abilities[edit]

Repair Master
  • Spend 4..10 supply at a time when repairing
Catapult Mastery
  • Increases damage done to walls by 25%


  • Fortified Stonemist Castle and Keep walls have 821,700 health, fortified Tower walls have 612,540, exceptions is the alpine borderland, where every object has 821700.
  • Stonemist Castle and Keep fortified walls reduce all damage by 50%.
  • Tower fortified walls reduce all damage by 33%.
  • 1 supply repairs the wall for 1750 (470 or 350 supply to fully repair).
  • Structure upgrades will improve and fully repair all walls around the structure.