Escort Talon Killpeace's caravan to Crossroads Haven

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Escort Talon Killpeace's caravan to Crossroads Haven

Interactive map

Interactive map

Escort Talon Killpeace's caravan to Crossroads Haven is a level 13 event that starts in Dolyak Pass and ends in Halvaunt Snowfield.


  • Pack Bull
  • Event bar.jpgEvent shield (tango icon).png


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 552 Experience.png 77 Karma 18 Copper coin
Silver 470 Experience.png 66 Karma 15 Copper coin
Bronze 414 Experience.png 58 Karma 13 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 13 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.






Before the event
Talon Killpeace: Hey! Stick-girl! You need a job? I'm looking for some fodder, er, guards for my caravan.
Benerla: I know what fodder is, Sir charr, being a stick-girl as you say. And I think I will decline.
Talon Killpeace: Heh! I like you. You got spunk. Come along, I'll guard you. At least as far as Crossroads Haven.
Benerla: I am headed in that direction. I accept your offer of companionship.
During the event
Talon Killpeace: Hey Sons of Svanir. Come closer. I got enough guns and booze to kill your dragon.
Benerla: These snow-covered lands are so bleak. So morose. So oddly captivating.
Talon Killpeace: You know me, twig? I'm Talon Killpeace. I sell two things: bombs and booze.
Talon Killpeace: The haven's close. We better have some bottles left or I'll spit fur.
Event success
Talon Killpeace: Thanks everyone! This is close enough, the Lionguard will protect me from here.
Benerla: That was fun, charr. Perhaps we'll meet again.
Talon Killpeace: Well, this whiskey won't sell itself. Come along!
Event success (If Defend Crossroads Haven from the Sons of Svanir is active)
Talon Killpeace: Damn! The haven is swarming with Sons of Svanir. We'd better wait until some brave heroes clear it out.
Talon Killpeace: Hey! I'm trying to reach the haven, but the Sons of Svanir are swarming it! Go clear'em out.
In the Haven, after the event
(If interrupted by Defend Crossroads Haven from the Sons of Svanir)
Talon Killpeace: Finally! Let's get moving before they launch another attack.
Talon Killpeace: Crossroads haven! Looks like this is where we part company, twig. I'm glad you came along.
Benerla: As am I. I can't imagine making that trip alone. This is a cold and dangerous land.
Talon Killpeace: That's why I sell things to keep you warm on a cold night. [sic] So long.
Giel: I smell alcohol! Charr, share your keg!
Talon Killpeace: No kegs here, friend. I've got a potent little potable called "whiskey". Here, have a shot.
Giel: This glass is the size of a thimble! Is this a joke?
Giel: (cough) It's like drinking fire! (laughter)
Talon Killpeace: Nothing like a little fire in the belly on a cold day!