Elder Muriel

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Elder Muriel


Interactive map

Elder Muriel is an elderly villager who recalls the name of an ancient hidden city.


Crystal Desert


If doing the story step The Way Forward:

Elder Muriel: Ah... And who are you? I don't know your face. But I like it.
<Character name>: Oh-uh, thanks. I'm sorry to disturb you, but I was hoping I could ask you a question.
<Character name>: Do you know anything about a lost city located somewhere in the Riverlands?
Elder Muriel: A city swallowed whole by the desert itself... Kesho. Yes.
<Character name>: "Kesho"? Is that the name of the city?
Elder Muriel: City? No. A nursery. Where the Forgotten toiled... Where Vlast's eyes first opened... Where Glint gave us her legacy.
<Character name>: I need to find Kesho, Elder Muriel. Can you tell me where it is?
Elder Muriel: A terrible journey across terrible lands. Beyond the sinking dunes.
<Character name>: I see. Thank you.
<Character name>: Kesho... Vlast's birthplace. Now I just have to find it.