Defeat Ice Raking in combat before the Claw tournament

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Defeat Ice Raking in combat before the Claw tournament

Interactive map

Interactive map

Defeat Ice Raking in combat before the Claw tournament is a level 20 event that occurs in Song of Final Exile as part of the Kodan Claw meta event.


  • Time limit: x/6:00
  • Speak to Ice Raking and challenge him.
  • Ice Raking
  • Event bar.jpg Event fist (tango icon).png
  • Time limit: x/6:00


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 802 Experience.png 108 Karma.png 25 Copper coin
Silver 681 Experience.png 92 Karma.png 21 Copper coin
Bronze 601 Experience.png 81 Karma.png 19 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 20 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.




Event is ready to start
The Voice of Koda: I see a shadow stumbling in the woods. He growls and wails but cannot find his footing. His voice is useless without his paws.
Keeper of Words: Koda's message is urgent to have spoken so clearly. It is time for us to decide on a new Claw for our people.
Before event starts
Keeper of Words: Raise your ears to the wind that you might hear the echo of Koda's voice.
Keeper of Words: The Voice of Koda asks us to find a new Claw. Who answers the call?

(Silent Snowfall and Ice Raking step forward)

Keeper of Words: A trial will determine the one worthy to be the Claw of Koda.
Keeper of Words: You have one quarter cycle to prepare yourselves before the trial begins. Use your time wisely.
Event is about to start
Ice Raking: I have the strength of a Claw, but I am untested. I will return to town and look for challengers.
Silent Snowfall: It is my spirit that I seek to settle. Perhaps meditation on the shore will bring me balance.
Ice Raking: We each have our paths. Which one will lead to becoming Claw of Koda?
Silent Snowfall: The Voice and Koda will decide that at the trial. Now, let us hurry to our preparations.
Event starts
Ice Raking: My strength is unquestioned, and yet I question it.
Ice Raking: I must be tested by Koda.
Ice Raking: Don't hold back!
50% health
Ice Raking: Yes, test my power. Show me what I can only learn from defeat.
25% health
Ice Raking: Beyond the limits of my body, I feel a new strength rising.
Event completed
Ice Raking: Without defeat there are no victories. I know what I must do.
At Tala Point
Keeper of Words: We have arrived.
Keeper of Words: Our finest stand before us, ready to prove their strength before Koda.
Keeper of Words: Only one will rise, earning the right to be judged by the Voice.
Keeper of Words: Begin the trial.

(Silent Snowfall and Ice Raking fight)

Keeper of Words: Halt! Listen! Through trial we glimpse our true spirits, revealing our strengths to all.
Keeper of Words: Ice Raking stands victorious. The Voice must pass judgement on your warrior's heart.
Ice Raking: I am the Claw. You are the Voice. Through the words of Koda, we are called to action.
The Voice of Koda": I am the Voice. You are the Claw. Together, we are Koda's paws and mouth. May Koda's will be done.
Keeper of Words: It is done. A new Claw has Risen.
Ice Raking takes his place as the claw
Ice Raking: Koda's Voice carried us this far. Now it is time for action.
Ice Raking: You, send word to the warriors. Increase training and gather rations for scouting parties.
Kodan Guard: As you say, Claw.