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Deciphered Clues

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Deciphered Clues

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Check the achievement Where Exalted Dare to see what the clues revealed.

— In-game description


This achievement rewards items. A Study in Gold Auric Basin 20Achievement points
Speak to Sage Laural at Westgate to receive an auric viewer, then scan the tablets in the city for clues to Herta's location.
Reward:Auric Shielding.png Deciphered Clues

  • Westgate: Next to Sage Laural
  • Legacy Pillars: Southwest
  • Legacy Pillars: Southeast
  • Legacy Pillars: Northwest
  • Northgate: Where Water Flows Vertically
  • Eastgate: Where the Falls End and Nature Begins
  • Eastgate: A Great View of a Mighty Tree
  • Southgate: Tucked Away Southwest
  • Westgate: The Way Has Decayed Unless You Fly
  • Southgate: Entrance
  • Northgate: Entrance
  • Southgate: You'll Only Be Able to Reach This from Very High Up
  • Luminate's Throne: The Jungle Grows Even Up Here
  • Northgate: Where We Lay Our Masks to Rest
  • Trial Rooms: Heavy Foliage Hides This One
  • Trial Rooms: Glint's Words Guide Us
  • Inner Chamber: One Day There Will Be Another
1 Tablet Found 1Achievement points
2 Tablets Found 1Achievement points
3 Tablets Found 1Achievement points
4 Tablets Found 1Achievement points



  • Opening this container is not required to obtain Herta. As it is not account bound it can therefore be sold on the trading post if the contents (5 Silver coin and 10-50  Lump of Aurillium.png Lump of Aurillium) are deemed less valuable than its current trading post value.