Deadly Nightshade (object)

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Deady Nightshade

The Deadly Nightshade flower grows in solitude high in the caverns of Lightfoot Passage. It can be harvested to get a Deadly Nightshade.


Ruins of Orr


If HOPE I: Research is active
You've discovered a rare Deadly Nightshade Flower.
Talk more option tango.png Quickly pick the flower.
Talk more option tango.png Carefully cut the flower near the ground.
A unique and unusual flower is growing here in isolation.
Talk end option tango.png Better leave it alone.


  • Choosing to "Carefully cut the flower near the ground" grants a Deadly Nightshade.
  • Choosing "Quickly pick the flower" will result in your character being downed and poisoned.
  • The Deadly Nightshade Flower may be harvested multiple times.