Collect skale eggs for Assistant Chef Victor

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Collect skale eggs for Assistant Chef Victor

Scaver Plateau
Event type
Event collect (tango icon).png
Dynamic event
Given by
Assistant Chef Victor
Interactive map

Interactive map

Collect skale eggs for Assistant Chef Victor is a level 7 dynamic event that occurs in Scaver Plateau. Find the skale eggs in skale nests across the water at the base of the cliff. Each nest has two or three eggs. There will be Ridgeback Skales defending their nests.


  • Skale Eggs
  • Event bar.jpg Egg.png
  • Your contribution: x


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 403
50 Karma.png 11 Copper coin
Silver 343
43 Karma.png 10 Copper coin
Bronze 303
38 Karma.png Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 7 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.






Interacting with Assistant Chef Victor
Greetings, I am the assistant to Lord Beetlestone's head chef. And you are?
Talk more option tango.png
An adventurer. What exactly are you doing out here?
I'm hunting a culinary delicacy, a favorite of Lord Beetlestone: fresh skale eggs. To be honest, I'm not certain I can do it alone. An adventurer, you say? Think you can help?
Talk ready option.png
You can count on me!
Talk end option tango.png
Skale eggs make me gassy!
Talk end option tango.png
Event start
Assistant Chef Victor: Lord Beetlestone's stock of skale eggs is running low. Time to collect some more!
Turning in eggs
Oh, my! The chef will send me off if I don't return with enough skale eggs for Lord Beetlestone's meal. But skale are such vicious little blighters. Can you help me?
Talk give option tango.png
I have eggs for you.
One more egg for his lordship, one less skale in the world. A fine compromise, I'd say.
Talk end option tango.png
Talk more option tango.png
How can I help?
Bring me eggs, lots of eggs. His lordship has a large appetite. The skale's nests are sure to be full of tasty eggs just begging to be scooped up and brought to me.
Talk end option tango.png
Talk end option tango.png
When enough skale eggs have been collected
Assistant Chef Victor: Yummers. I've got more than enough eggs to whip up a most scrumptious concoction.
Event completion
Assistant Chef Victor: Thank you, my good citizens. This should satisfy the great lord.
After event
Assistant Chef Victor: That was a great batch of poached eggs. I'll have to make some more when I have extra eggs again.


  • After completing the event, Assistant Chef Victor will be available as a merchant for a short time.