Collect data cores from tracking devices for Apprentice Vee

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Collect data cores from tracking devices for Apprentice Vee

Interactive map

Interactive map

Collect data cores from tracking devices for Apprentice Vee is a level 12 dynamic event that occurs in Ruins of the Unseen.

Data Cores can be collected by killing Skritt or interacting with Shiny Tracking Devices.



Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 525 Experience.png 72 Karma 17 Copper coin
Silver 446 Experience.png 62 Karma 14 Copper coin
Bronze 394 Experience.png 54 Karma 13 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 12 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Event pre
Researcher Zippti: Vee! What a pleasant surprise. I take it the last figures didn't work out?
Apprentice Vee: Right as always. Dekkti thinks we're close though. Is the next set ready?
Researcher Zippti: We have a slight problem. The skritt have collected our trackers; that's why we made them shiny, after all.
Apprentice Vee: And I suppose I have to be the one to recover the data.
Researcher Zippti: I like you, Vee, but you're still an apprentice. I have other duties to attend to.
Upon obtaining enough data cores
Apprentice Vee: I should get these back to the researchers as soon as possible. Bring me what you can.
Event completion
Apprentice Vee: I've recovered all the data cores.
Researcher Zippti: Excellent. Dekkti will expect you back soon.
Apprentice Vee: I guess I'd better not keep her waiting.
Researcher Zippti: Runner, take these to Researcher Widd at the Mabon lab and sequence them along the way.
RNR-336 "Runner": Affirmative. Data—autosequencing—initiated. Destination: Research—Widd, Mabon—lab.
At Mabon Market
RNR-336 "Runner": Greetings, Researcher. Here—is—the—the—latest—data—set.
Apprentice Widd: (sigh) Yet another set. Why are we wasting so much effort on skritt?
RNR-336 "Runner": Reason—unknown, Researcher.
Apprentice Widd: Of course it's unknown. It was a rhetorical question.
Apprentice Widd: Very well. I'll begin work on a new prototype.


  • Success of this event resets the event chain.