Chief Odupdop

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Chief Odupdop


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Chief Odupdop is the quaggan leader of Koofooloo found in Guardian Lake.



Quaggan doesn't understand this war between humans and centaurs. They have been killing each other for three hundred years! The only reason for it quaggan can guess is they must enjoy it.
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Where are all the other quaggan?
Foolish, young quaggans have gone to help the humans at Nightguard Beach. Quaggan knows this can only end in sadness.
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I'm glad they decided to take a stand. The centaurs must be stopped.
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It's complicated. Good-bye.


  • Even though his in game title is "Chief", two other quaggans, Rubblubb and Doudoop, refer to him as Varonos.