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Gilded Hollow[edit]

ID Link Location
2162 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCavern Mine Waypoint
2260 Waypoint (tango icon).pngArena Tower Waypoint
2273 Waypoint (tango icon).pngWaterfall Plaza Waypoint
2303 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCentral Hollow Waypoint
2305 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSurface Tunnel Waypoint

Lost Precipice[edit]

ID Link Location
2107 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCanyon Dig Waypoint
2129 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRiverside Overlook Waypoint
2167 Waypoint (tango icon).pngUpper Plaza Waypoint
2238 Waypoint (tango icon).pngShrine Tunnel Waypoint
2242 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCentral Precipice Waypoint
2292 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSandstone Coliseum Waypoint