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Chasing Tales: Enduring Hatred

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Vision of Harkon Hakson the Maelstrom.png

Chasing Tales: Enduring Hatred

Item type
Account Bound
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Takes effect immediately upon receipt.

— In-game description


This achievement rewards items.This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Chasing Tales: Enduring Hatred All or Nothing 2Achievement points
Slay four enemies sequentially within 20 seconds of one another.On the battlefield, Hakson was a maelstrom of violence.
Reward:Vision of Harkon Hakson the Maelstrom.png Chasing Tales: Enduring Hatred
Learned of Harkon Hakson. 1Achievement points
Defeated four enemies sequentially within 20 seconds of one another. 1Achievement points


The achievement must be done while in Thunderhead Peaks.
  • Using an axe is not required to earn this achievement.[verification requested]
  • The achievement is much easier to accomplish if you're not alone. The Thunderhead Keep meta offers an excellent opportunity to fulfill the necessary conditions.