Candy Coated

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Candy Coated

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Provides candy protection and increased skill speed.

— In-game description

Candy Coated is an effect inflicted by the Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn that stacks over time when standing in its sugary field.


  • This effect protects the player from the Viscount's candy corn barrage attack, and stacks duration.
  • Upon the 10th stack, it will cause a candy-induced coma, knocking down and immobilizing the player. This backlash can be subverted by abilities that grant stability, mounting up, or simply avoided by leaving the sugary field prior to accumulating ten stacks of the effect.
  • Furthermore, the stacks of Candy Coated are replaced with Sugar Crash, which causes 50% slower movement and skill recharge.
  • It may also remove stacks of other effects, such as Accuracy. [verification requested]


  • Used the Sugar Rush icon before 2021.