Bar Brawl

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the activity. For the achievement category, see Bar Brawl (achievements).

Bar Brawl is an activity which removes the player's weapons and allows them to battle through the use of bundles such as bar stools and beer steins.[1]


  • "Bouncer" (later renamed to "Bar Brawl") achievements related to Bar Brawl had been added to the Activities achievement section, and some NPCs in Divinity's Reach will try to get the players' attention and tell them to visit The Busted Flagon to work as bouncers there, but once there, there's no NPC to enter the activity.
    • Bar Brawl achievements have been removed.


  • "Grenth's Grog" was to be a related consumable which "goes down easy but comes up rough, allowing the player to belch out a noxious gas cloud. As you might imagine, this burp cloud is unhealthy to anyone foolish enough to get close, as well as unattractive to prospective dates." [2]