Ancient Barracuda

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Ancient Barracuda


Interactive map

The Ancient Barracuda is a powerful fish located at the Wyrmblood Lake.


Shiverpeak Mountains

Event involvement[edit]

Event boss (tango icon).png Kill the ancient barracuda aggravating the fish of Wyrmblood Lake (41)

Combat abilities[edit]

Combat abilities
  • Bleeds
  • Frenzies
  • Summons Barracudas
Bite - Single hit melee auto-attack.
Frenzied Attack - Strikes quickly several times at short range.
Stolen skills
Throw Gunk.png Throw Gunk
Tooth Stab.png Tooth Stab
Throw Scale.png Throw Scale
Eat Egg.png Eat Egg


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Ancient Barracuda Tooth.png Ancient Barracuda Tooth
(only drops if the Frenzy I: The Experimental Harpoon Gun collection is active)
Trophy Exotic 1