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72 Phoenix, 1328 AE

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72 Phoenix, 1328 AE

Item type
Out of the Shadows.png The Memoirs of Justiciar Bauer
Account Bound
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72 Phoenix, 1328 AE map.jpg



  • From Waypoint (map icon).png Zealot's Overlook Waypoint, take the leyline to gain some height, depart it into an updraft and arrive at Temple of Sacrifice. The scrap is beside the archway on the eastern edge.


This appears to be a scrap from a journal dated 72 Phoenix, 1328 AE.
Talk more option tango.png Read.
Inquisitor Matthias has always been a thorn in my side.
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He's constantly questioning the devotion of my troops with his damned inquisitions, ensuring everything we do "brings honor and glory to the Unseen Ones."
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I can't go to war with someone judging every tactical decision I make against their scripture!
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It didn't take too much to convince him what an honor it would be to sacrifice his body for the glory of the Unseen Ones.
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Let him stab a bloodstone into his heart or whatever suits him. Either it fails and he dies, or it succeeds and he dies on the frontlines where I'll send him!
Talk end option tango.png Done.
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