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42 Phoenix, 1325 AE

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42 Phoenix, 1325 AE

Item type
Out of the Shadows.png Apprentice Kasandra's Notebook
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42 Phoenix, 1325 AE.jpg

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  • This scrap is just above Waypoint (map icon).png Zealot's Overlook Waypoint. Either follow the ramp clockwise around the overlook, glide down from above, use an updraft, or a springer.


This appears to be a journal scrap dated 42 Phoenix, 1325 AE.
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As anticipated, that brownnoser Phill was quick to take credit for my discovery regarding the spirits that are attracted to it, who can't seem to leave it behind and pass on.
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Hard to imagine that anyone killed on the bloodstone could still be nearby, tethered for eternity to the bloodstone's magic. The Chosen must've returned when they were freed at the Door of Komalie.
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What confusion or purpose would compel them to return to the place of their sacrifice? What binds them here? Bloodstone must be as much a drug for them as it is for the living.
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Their energy adds to the vortex of magic surrounding the bloodstone. Their deaths are a necessary sacrifice for the glory of the Unseen Ones, but a shame nevertheless.
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