Zhaitan's Last Stand

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Zhaitan's Last Stand

Point of Interest
The Elder Dragon's Lair
(Victory or Death (zone))
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Zhaitan's Last Stand (poi).jpg

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Interactive map (floor 11)

Zhaitan's Last Stand marks the location of the tower which Zhaitan clung onto after its largest tails were cut off, its largest right arm fell off, and its largest right wing was crippled, grounding it. The tower fell with Zhaitan's defeat, following the Elder Dragon's own fall through the heavy clouds over Arah.

Getting there[edit]

This point of interest is only visible during the last step of the personal story, Victory or Death. It is the location of the final fight with Zhaitan. This point of interest cannot be acquired except by breaking out of the map.

Concept art of Zhaitan's Last Stand from the anniversary trailer.


  • Since this point of interest only exists within the story step Victory or Death, it does not count towards map completion.