Watery Gravestone

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The Watery Gravestone was a schooner captained by Captain Deadbeard and later Gullik Oddsson. Oddsson took command of the ship after storming it and slaughtering its captain, before going on to terrorize the Sea of Sorrows with it. What happened afterward is unknown.[1]


  1. ^ "Chapter 10", Ghosts of Ascalon by Matt Forbeck and Jeff Grubb:
    "Who is he?" Dougal asked as he pulled himself to his feet.
    "Gullik Oddsson," Killen said.
    Doomforge whistled at this, a strange, low note that emerged not from her lips but her teeth. "The Oddsson? I heard he single-handedly defeated a score of destroyers in the old dwarf mines beneath the Dredgehaunt Cliffs."
    Riona blew out a long breath. "He's supposed to have stormed aboard the schooner Watery Gravestone, slaughtered Captain Deadbeard, and then taken command of the ship to terrorize the Sea of Sirens."
    "Gyda told me he slew a mad grawl with his bare hands when he was only a child, no taller than me," said Killeen.