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Beth of Nee


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Brit of Nee


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Harm of Nee


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Hermine of Nee


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Mela of Nee


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Segor of Nee


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Steph of Nee


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Tiff of Nee


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Yoe Dude


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Steph of Nee

Steph of Nee was born into a noble house. She can trace her ancestory back to pre-searing times, and she is named after that famous relative. Like the original Steph, she is a natural born warrior. From her family, she has heard all her life of the great adventures and magical long sword of her namesake. She only hopes to someday be worthy of her name.

Steph's favorite weapon set is long sword and shield and she is working very hard to earn the shield slayer achievement. Her armor set is Mortal armor of Grenth with a full set of Superior Runes of the Pirate. She has chosen Firebreak Fort in Sootberme as her home and can often be found protecting Tyria from destroyer invasions.

Steph loves to travel. She has the title "Been there, Done that" and has visited other world servers to game with friends. She was my accounts' first level 80 character (and my favorite). She has no fear and will stand toe to toe with any foe. Her favorite color is gold.


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