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About Us

We are a friendly guild in Guildwars 2 who emphasize enjoyment of the game through play. If you are looking for a friendly, cheerful guild to be a member of, we could well be your home on the net.

All we ask is that all members be respectful toward each other.

We've been around since the starting days of GuildWars 1, with a core of members that have stayed on for years enjoying the events, scenery, challenges, and some of us cursing our foes (it's what necromancers do, after all...). We will be here at the start of Guildwars 2 and beyond.

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What do we do in the game? We have fun. We seek that which glitters, that is neither gold nor gemstone. We seek the road to travel, not the destination... The road may end at shiny gold or a mundane scrap of cloth. What matters more to us is each other and our stories, our own challenges and deeds.

Where we find fun: We find fun where it is found. 'Fun' is a word that varies greatly from member to member, Whether we find it in PvP, beating up poor hapless starter critters, or duking things out with the toughest of foes, we have proven time and again that finding fun to be had is never very hard. It's easy, when simple enjoyment is your goal.

Come, join us in our adventures. You may find our guild charter here. It exists as the summation of our rules. Together we will continue the legacy of Odin's Hammer, and players are welcome to join.

Odin's Hammer [OH]
Torrenal Odin's Hammer Guild emblem.png
Year Founded 2005
Territory America
Language English
Leader Kazuaki Yamagawa
Type PvX
VoIP Ventrilo
Time zone EST
Gwwlogo.png This guild dates back to the early days of Guild Wars 1
PvX This guild plays both PvE and PvP.
This guild is a proud participant in the Guild Wars Beta. Beware The Evil Gwen!
This guild is a proud participant in the Guild Wars 2 Beta. Beware the White Rabbit!
TINY This guild is prone to use small fonts

Use of a magnifying lens is advised and encouraged.

Even so, reading things may be very difficult. You have been warned!


Yamagawa (aka Futae)
Grover (aka Two)



So long as there are slots open, we will accept new members that are willing to respect our charter and our goals as a No Drama, play for the fun of it guild.

Contact information[edit]

As of the writing of this, the guild may be contacted via forums or the guild talk page here. Once the game is live, you may contact us via Portable Corpse (a character of Yamagawa)

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