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Sunny Storms: "I'm a thief!"
Eloise Naturi: "No you're not."
Sunny Storms: "Srsly? Can I borrow 50k then plz?"
Eloise Naturi: "Sure, once I find out who stole my beltpouch."

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My races and professions.

Human Charr Asura Norn Sylvari
Sunny Storms, formed by the nature of storms as a reincarnate from someone by the exact name from 1079 AE.
Scarlett J Chen, bound by the illusions of her former selfs mind.
Arque Busier, the smartest of his kind. Selene Svati, small but true of stature. Katrín Stormdóttir, the smallest of the Norn, quick and agile Jezzy Valentine, reincarnated by Grenth herself, the youngest racemember hit the darkside fast.

Zelkova Holly, only true beings of nature can become one with nature.
User Demonthorn Gwlogo.jpg This user played the original Guild Wars.
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User Aspectacle asura 200px.png This user has the ego of an asura.
And the intelligence, Bookah.