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Biography Ghostly Wraith.png
A necromancer's closest companion is death. In acknowledgement of this, I mark my face with the symbol of Ghostly Wraith. A wraith is a creature of energy, and its cunning helps it elude its enemies. What you cannot see... can kill you.

Biography Dignity.png
Trouble may follow, but I use my Dignity to overcome it. I'm dignified even when up to my ears in mud. It's what makes people respect me. A serious, thoughtful demeanor is the route to success.

Biography White Stag.png
I dreamed of a quest that calls me to action. It was a vision of the White Stag. The White Stag is a creature of enchantment, an immortal beast with great power. It is said that the stag will trade a magical boon for its freedom, if I can catch it.

Biography Where Life Goes.png
I believe that the most important of Ventari's teachings is where life goes, so too, should you. The world is a delicious and gorgeous place created for us to explore, enjoy, and protect. I will seek out the lessons in every experience, and as I grow, I will have more to offer in return.
Biography Night.png
The Pale Tree awakened me during the Cycle of Night. Sylvari awakened at night are secretive and cautious with information. We make our own decisions, and we come and go as we please, nimble of mind and body.
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1302 AE, Day 2 of Awakening

The call it "The Dream of Dreams", also known as the Inner Dream or just the Dream, is the name of the mysterious state of consciousness sylvari experience prior to their "awakening" into the real world. In this state, they experience visions of the outer world and become acquainted with it through the past experiences of other sylvari. In this way, they learn things both trivial and vital about their future lives. Although the Dream is left behind by sylvari upon awakening in the real world, everything a sylvari experiences in his or her subsequent life is added to the Dreams of sylvari not yet born.

The Dream is described as being like a well, into which memories and thoughts of sylvari are poured. The portion of knowledge taken from the dream is like that of a bowl filling with water--each developing sylvari only takes a small, random measure of the information and memories. The Pale Tree herself ensures that each sylvari is then equipped with essential information, such as how to read, basic living skills, the tenets of the Tablet, and the assurance that she loves each of them.

Because the memories and information received differs among the sylvari, they are not without individualism. Upon leaving the golden fruit from which they are born, they are left to interpret what they saw in the Dream. As not all is understood about the Dream--most significantly the dark nightmares concealed within--this in turn has led to a divide amongst the sylvari, with those embracing these nightmares being known as the Nightmare Court. As such, some of the eldest sylvari, the firstborn, have stayed with the Tree to help newborn sylvari understand what they may have seen in the Dream. This includes lessons to explain the Tablet’s writings as the sylvari interpret them, a better sense of sylvari history, and education about the world around them.

Killeen describes it thus: "In the Dream of Dreams, one grows one's identity. When once Awakened into the world, we leave the Dream behind, for the most part. But what we learn in the world goes back into the Dream to help new Sylvari understand. ... But knowledge is rarely specific. A face, an item, perhaps a name, may stay with us once we Awaken. We may feel drawn to a particular place or person, or feel that some task needs to be done. Occasionally, something in the Dream echoes back to an awakened sylvari, but it is more a feeling than a vision filled with details and specifics."

The Dream can impart knowledge and sensation, but not actual experience. Upon being served a leg of roast moa bird, Killeen states that she knows from the Dream what it is and how it will taste, despite never yet having done so herself.

The Dream of Dreams is said to be moving the sylvari toward their collective "destiny". It is unclear what precisely this means but, all I know...