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Each of these templates are free to use for all who want to use them. If there are any questions on how to use them please take a look at the template page first as all options are explained on them.

If something is missing or you want another option added leave a comment on this talk-page and i will take care of it asap.


User:Snakes Shadow/Template:Navbox

If u want to use this template, copy it to your own userspace and change the link-names to your sites.


User:Snakes Shadow/Template:Charakterbox - finished for now, waiting for the missing options/ Icons to be revealed
So What
My pet Stalker fights at my side and guards my back.
Gender: female female Personality:
Trouble may follow, but I use my Ferocity to overcome it.
Profession: Ranger tango icon 20px.png Ranger Affiliation:
Iron Legion
I am proud to be Iron Legion.
Weaponset 1: Longbow Sparring Partner:
I would die for my warband, especially Dinky, my sparring partner.
Weaponset 2: Shortbow Sired by:
Loyal Soldier
They tell me the soldier that sired me is a Loyal Soldier.
Water-Weaponset 1: Axe/ Axe Order: Order of Whispers
Water-Weaponset 2: Shortbow Sympathy Ogre

Copy this text for use. For available variables see the template page.

{{User:Snakes Shadow/Template:Charakterbox
| name=
| class=
| pic=
| race=
| gender=
| prof=
| profc=
| pers=
| race1=
| race2=
| race3=
| order=
| symp=
| wset1=
| wset2=
| wwset1=
| wwset2=