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About Me

Hi. My name is RepoMan. I started gaming in CSS (FPS) in september of 2008. Due to my natural charisma I quickly progressed through the ranks of several CSS gaming communities. In my time as a CSS gamer, I worked as a partial developer, and I learned how to map, skin, model, and do a little bit of coding. Working within the communities I learned how to create, develop, and maintain forums, ventrilo and other VoIPs (mumble being my favorite to work on), and how solve group oriented problems. I spent a great amount of my time contributing to a community that was known as Unified Gamerz and progressed to high rank, however due to issues I developed with some of the leadership, and my ever increasing personal desires, I left them and created my own gaming society. It was known as Reborn Army and I raised a successful population on a gungame server, along with the aid of my co-leader Dyvid from Unified Gamerz, for several months. In hope of expanding our society and to save costs, we eventually switched service providers of our dedicated server, and for lower costs we decided to move it onto a linux OS. We soon developed unforeseen problems on that server, and had to wait several weeks in order to get it fixed. During that waiting period I went looking for another game to occupy my time, and bought several, including G-mod, TF2, etc. However I continued to have the desire to play and rpg game, as fps was never really me game type (It's actually RTS, even though i never play it). I was directed by a few members of my society towards Guild Wars, where i played the trial, and quickly became addicted to it. When we eventually fixed the Reborn Army server, we found that we no longer had the support from our old population, and decided to scrap the society to save our money, although I've never had a doubt that we could have regained that population.

In Guild Wars, I beat prophecies within 2 days with my only hero being mox. I then beat factions without any heroes in short time as well, followed by NightFall, which took slightly longer to beat (with heroes). Once I beat all of those I decided to buy EoTN, which is by far my favorite expansion for Guild Wars. Once I beat all of those I began title farming and pwning, etc.

About 2 months into playing guild wars I found a link to the GW2 website on the GW1 wiki, which I thought was remarkably well designed (Having done some web design myself, poorly designed websites disappoint me). Fueled by In-game chat about GW2 I eventually took some closer looks at the game, and loved the things they were addressing. I am now a senior member on the Guild Wars 2 Guru website, and occupy most of my time on there and here on the Guild Wars 2 Wiki.

TLDR: I'm Awesome

User RepoMan sigimage.pngepo Man



I am not currently aligned with any guilds, as I intend to create one properly closer to release date ;)


If you want to be added to my list of friends you can ask me and I might add you if I think you are cool enough ;)


Credits to Naoroji for this Userpage template, and therefor Malchior, as Naoroji stole it from him ;)

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