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What I will most likely be doing on this wiki[edit]

  1. filling in specifics on anything that is missing
  2. Providing higher quality images where I see fit (Tips I put together to get the best images)
  3. Doing some dye images in male apprentice/acolyte armor to serve as a general idea of what the dye looks like in game

add later[edit]

seneschal's keystaff 1 chaos strike. inflict a random condition on your foe. 3/4s damage: 67. range: 1200

illusionary mage. summon an illusion are your target's location that attacks them, dealing damage for each condition on them. range 1200. no damage. 3/4s 6sre (bone minions icon)

reapers' touch. 1/2s 10s rec. Send out a scythe that bounces between foes and allies. Applies vulnerability to foes and swiftness to allies. It gives you life froce for each foe hit. Damage: ? Swiftness (per hit) 2s (2)Vulnerabilty (per hit): 8 3/4s. Life force: 2% Range 1200

User Previously Unsigned malfunctioning skills.png

Helpful links[edit]

Interesting GW2 discussions[edit]

Things I need to remember[edit]

Favorite events/etc[edit]

air ships before necro fix jumping from high height Queen Gauntlet


  • Pile of glittering dust
  • apprentice armor
  • Spider egg (yeah sure, lets eat mysteroius spider eggs. such a good idea)
  • Refugee drawing (so cute)


  • Vulnerability
  • Chilled

Events, Hearts, Areas[edit]

  • Historian Garrod - The Explorer Spirit (Godslost Swamp)
  • Assist Farmer Eda with her orchard
  • Bandithaunt Caves
  • [Group Event] Eliminate the champion bandit lieutenant
  • Heart: Help Bronson disrupt the centaur troops
  • gendarran fields group battle pit cage (absolute WTF - you need a mob of like 15 to do it)
  • Escort Moa Trainer Kappa and her pygmy moas to Beetletun

matyr's tomb

Secret Contact



  • Splitblade
  • Healing Turrett


  • Water magic minor

Favorite places[edit]

  • Deathroot Shack
  • Bonerattler Caverns (and the vista near by) - such a neat mining cave
  • lost grotto - love this secret dungeon hideout for the whispers
  • Coriolis Plaza (tis is just like the tribal levels in zomg)
  • The undermarket (SO PRETTY)