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Guild Wars 2 addict and serious altoholic.


Profession Personality Biography Character
 Human tango icon 20px.png I am a human from Divinity's Reach.
 Ranger tango icon 20px.png I was born to be a Ranger.
First Pet: Bear My bear and I fight as a single unit.
Charm is a virtue.
is my weapon.
Petra is my friend. I was raised among common folk.
My only regret! I've never searched for my true parents.
Melandru has blessed my path. I am a follower of Melandru.
I am on a quest.
My name is Sapphire Shooter.
This is my story.

User Boxes[edit]

User Balthazad (HoM Star Thingy).png This user has 44/50 points in his HoM.

15 more elite skills to cap to get to 45!
[FATE] This user is a member of
For Ascalon Till Eternity

A cozy little guild.
GW This user has 38 Characters in Guild Wars over 2 Accounts.

I am an Altoholic.
Guilt This user has spent 8084 hours in GW2 in 80 months (3.3 h/day).

Yikes! I didn't need to know that.