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M E N D E L .... Member of the Guild .... GGOD ( Global Guild of Dark ) Userboxes

An Introduction[edit]

I've played Guild Wars since about Dec 05 and have 14 chars across 2 accounts . My second account which has 4 chars is mainly used as a "Mule" account and for friends to play with.

Why "Mendel" ? - it's not my real name which is "Trevor", it's because my second char was called "Mendel the Healer" and ppl got used to calling me Mendel - so all my main chars have Mendel in their names. Mendel the Healer has now retired and gone back to pre-ascalon but occasionally can be seen telling of daring deeds done and mighty monsters slain.

About me personally - I live in Grimsby, England and was born in 1955 which ( at the time of posting / editing ) makes me 56 .... You "young’uns" may be able to type faster than me but I can sure keep up in game, I'm also a grand-dad with 4 young grand-daughters and 2 grand-sons.

My in-game favorite saying / chant ...... It’s only a game, so Have FUN.

I've now got Guild Wars 2 and after playing in the Beta weekend April 2012 have decided to play primarily as a Human Ranger.

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