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The Journal of Markus Clouser of Cantha[edit]

The "Journal" represents the burnt remains of what is thought to be a ~1000 pages historical reference to the defeat of Shiro, Vizier Khilbron also named The Undead Lich of Orr, Abaddon The Fallen God of Water and Knowledge and the fiery Great Destroyer. It was the only book Marius Klouser managed to rescue from the fire that burned down the library of Edward The Wise more than five years ago.

The Dragons[edit]

In The Journal hints the return of "The Dragon". Due to the missing pages, we can only speculate that the dragon is none other than Primordus. When examining the book it can be easily determined that some pages were added long after the book was written. These pages describe the Norn lake of Drakkar giving out periodical energy bursts. It is thought that The Great Snake of Drakkar, as named here, might have something to do with it.


Probably the most comprehensive part of the book. It tells the history of a dwarven king named Jalis Ironhammer, High Priest Alkar, Kilroy Stonekin and others. Two of the most important chapters are about the Stone Summit Guild, brutal and vicious dwarves and about The Tome of Rubicon. This Tome is said to contain knowledge about The Dragons (actually, the only writing in which Marius read "Dragons" and not "Dragon"). The last chapter of Deldrimor is about the mystical transformation that some dwarves undertook.

The Hall of Monuments[edit]

Not much information can be read from The Journal about this hidden place. It is said to be located somewhere in the Shiverpeaks. "If found [The Hall of Monuments], will reveal everything you need to kno--". The last ~200 pages are thought to be only about this hall, but unfortunately the fire burnt most of them or turned them to black. A possible location might be near the place where Jormag was located, probably now fully destroyed.