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Joke Skills[edit]

User:MarioDX/ Gases From within
User:MarioDX/N00bish Suicide

User Tender Wolf Warrior-icon.pngMario D X[edit]

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Cantha, June 2006

Prophecies Campaign:
Finished Campaign

Factions Campaign:
Finished Campaign (Luxon)
Finished Campaign (Kurzick)

Nightfall Campaign:
Finished Campaign

Eye of the North Campaign
Finished Campaign

Main titles: Protector of Cantha,Protector of Tyria

Aiming for: Legendary Spearmarshal

Mario was born in Kaitan Village, to his father Master Ken Denravio and his mother Master Ling Xunhai, both being powerful, strong and smart Zaishen Masters. his parents were known for being the zaishen that always helped people in need, and later on they dedicated themselves to training new recruits as well. Mario was one of the gratuates of their course, which was know worldwide by its sucessful graduates and many seeked to learn the Denravio-Xunhai teachings. his parents and him even travelled to the kingdom of Ascalon and to Istan to train soldiers on both continents, and were present when the signs of the Searing started to Pop up. Mario became a freind of little girl of Ascalon by the name of Gwen, in which he prayed that she survived the searing after he escaped it. after barely escaping the searing, they returned to the battle Isles, but one day, it all changed for a Commander in the Zaishen order that seeked their position arranged an assasination... in the face of "new students" that slain the Masters Denravio and Xunhai in a matter of seconds. when Mario heard about it he was filled with rage, so he took a sword and slained that same commander that did the same to his parents then escaped with a fisher and his son that both were studying with Mario's Parents. by the time the Zaishen relized what happened he was far out of range. Mario lost his belif in the Zaishen code and went to Kaitan village where he was born just to find a fierce Crimson Skull leader blackmailing the villagers. he fought and defeated the Crimson skull just to be overrun by other 3. luckly Master Togo was at the area to save him from the Crimson Skull. he offered him him refuge in the Shing Jea Monastery until he would be 18 years old (he was 17 years old at that time and he was 16 years old when the Searing occured). one year later, he joined the monastery and up to this day he bears the name of his parents (D X- Denravio Xunhai)
And now ... now the true story begins.

Post Guild Wars[edit]

To be added

Credit to the gw1:User:Helena for the Template


PvX This user plays PvE and PvP.
24 years old
Push The Button
Best Title
Legendary Spearmarshall
Favorite Skill
Warrior icon small.png Gw1:Hundred Blades