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Current Characters[edit]

Elementalist Malchior Devenholm[edit]

Level: 20
Professions: E/Me
Info: Ascalonian survivor of the Searing. Co-founder of the Shining Mantle. My main character, who I use for community visits.
Completed Campaigns: Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North

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Warrior Maximus The Sturdy[edit]

Level: 20
Professions: W/Mo
Info: Krytan, currently serving as emissary to Cantha.
Completed Campaigns: Prophecies, Factions

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Ranger The Zombie Ranger[edit]

Level: 20
Professions: R/N
Info: Krytan.
Completed Campaigns: Prophecies, Factions

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Paragon I Shout Rly Loud[edit]

Level: 20
Professions: P/W
Info: Elonian.
Completed Campaigns: Nightfall

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Elementalist Mr Mystic Man[edit]

Level: 20
Professions: E/N
Info: My main PvP character. Goes by the name "Mystic." Mr ______ Man is the name of all my PvP characters (except my Assassin Huong Swiftblade, a tribute to my old PvE Sin I accidentally deleted...)
Main GvG roles-Water Midline, Air Midline, Midline Curses Necro, Midline Smiter, Ritualist Flag Runner
GvG guild- Pshycho Ninjas (oGod)
I have other PvP characters to fulfill any of the roles I may be called for in a GvG.

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