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Jack is a terrible thief.


I'm a veteran from GW1 from launch. Lots of minipets then. Not so many now.

  • Home: Blackgate
  • Guild: Prophets of Skirk


  • Jack Reginald Kang: A terrible thief, an okay human and an excellent chef. Enjoys fancy hats.
  • Kang Cakeeater: A peace loving, cake eating Charr guardian.
  • Kangola: An angry Asura zookeeper, with an affinity for moas.

I enjoy making small contributions to the wiki here and there. Drop rates, link fixing, etc.


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Melandru -- the goddess of nature, earth, and growth -- can be found in every harvest and every flower. She smiles upon those, like me, who have an affinity with animals. I am a follower of Melandru. Everyone said this user was blessed by Melandru when they were young.
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