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Gandara (EU)
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Oi! I may be getting, but I'm not daft yet!


Hi there, and welcome to my page. I am Jzantvliet.4276, but since that's kind of hard to pronounce people usually just call me "Jeff", or any of my characters' names.


Well-versed in many genres, among which: RPGs, Hack 'n' Slash, Action, Visual Novels, Tactical/Strategy RPGs, and Strategy games.

One fateful day led me to a then new game, called Guild Wars. At the time I was trying to decide between this and another online game that used to be a RTS game. The deciding factor at the time? Simply the fact that there's no monthly fee (I was a teenager at the time and didn't have too much money to spend, so sue me), and boy am I glad I picked that over the other!

In Guild Wars I've played every campaign and have one character of every profession, and a perma-pre character. I like to think that I'm at least a decent player in terms of PvE. Never really played much of the PvP aspects. At least, not unless peer-pressured into doing things like Heroes' Ascent and GvG battles, so I do have experience in that, albeit it not being plentiful.


In Guild Wars 2 I hope to do what I did in Guild Wars: raise a character of every race and profession, giving them a background, and just have fun with them. I think I'm doing just fine at that!

Though I am generally a PvE-player, I do like to spend time in WvW. PvP I can take or leave, though I do think it is important to also be able to fend for yourself, so I aim to play PvP to some degree to help me with that. Eventually I hope to give back to the community and offer my experience to other players, guiding them in the role of a commander in both PvE and WvW.


Under construction. Check back later!