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Official Sweet Disposition logo

Formed after the first Beta Weekend Event, Sweet Disposition is an Oceanic PvX guild based in Sea of Sorrows, primarily focused on drama free enjoyment of game content. We plan to set up a challenge mode Dungeon team and a Structured PvP team, as well having lots of fun causing havoc in WvW.

We cherish quality and culture, over quantity and e-peen. We embrace shared learning, team cohesion and rapport building, as well as transparency and guild evolution. This is a guild for and about its members. We’re open to players of all home severs and time zones, and we love social members looking for a place to call home.

We promote a harassment and discrimination free gaming experience for our members and GW2 players as a whole. If you are friendly, informative, funny or supportive (or any mix of the four!) you’ll find yourself at home with our like minded members!

Sweet Disposition is also open to inter-guild alliances for coordinating joint WvW operations, PvP and PvE assistance, and for fun social events!

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