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Just wanted to give a welcome to all in this new GW2W.

Guild Wars[edit]

I am a Guild Wars player, i have over 12 thousand hours in Guild Wars1. I play a Warrior and i love questing.

Guild Wars 2[edit]

I am very excited to get my hands in Guild Wars 2. I will be playing a Charr, possibly a Warrior.


I love playing PvP, i am the creater and the leader of the guild Electronic Empire, a former PvP guild that was selected to be GoTW by Arenanet. I currently still play for the guild Silencio Nocturno.


I am in the process of gathering enough maxed titles to achieve God Walking Among Mere Mortals. I have achieved 50 points in the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator.


I am at 50/50 in the Hall of Monument rewards, and currently at 26 maxed titles, working in my GWAMM before Guild Wars 2.

=Guild Wars Books[edit]

I have bought the both books Ghosts of Ascalon and Destiny's Edge. I finished the first and just started on the second, they are very good and i recommend them to anyone who really likes Guild Wars.