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Basic crafting materials[edit]

Common Crafting Materials
Cloth Scrap Bolt of Cloth Spool of Thread Ore Alloying Lump Ingot Leather Section Leather Square Log Plank
Tier 1 Jute Scrap.png Jute Scrap Bolt of Jute.png Bolt of Jute Spool of Jute Thread.png Spool of Jute Thread Copper Ore.png Copper Ore Lump of Tin.png Lump of Tin Copper Ingot.png Copper Ingot
Bronze Ingot.png Bronze Ingot
Rawhide Leather Section.png Rawhide Leather Section Stretched Rawhide Leather Square.png Stretched Rawhide Leather Square Green Wood Log.png Green Wood Log Green Wood Plank.png Green Wood Plank
Tier 2 Wool Scrap.png Wool Scrap Bolt of Wool.png Bolt of Wool Spool of Wool Thread.png Spool of Wool Thread Iron Ore.png Iron Ore
Silver Ore.png Silver Ore
Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot
Silver Ingot.png Silver Ingot
Thin Leather Section.png Thin Leather Section Cured Thin Leather Square.png Cured Thin Leather Square Soft Wood Log.png Soft Wood Log Soft Wood Plank.png Soft Wood Plank
Tier 3 Cotton Scrap.png Cotton Scrap Bolt of Cotton.png Bolt of Cotton Spool of Cotton Thread.png Spool of Cotton Thread Iron Ore.png Iron Ore
Gold Ore.png Gold Ore
Lump of Coal.png Lump of Coal Gold Ingot.png Gold Ingot
Steel Ingot.png Steel Ingot
Coarse Leather Section.png Coarse Leather Section Cured Coarse Leather Square.png Cured Coarse Leather Square Seasoned Wood Log.png Seasoned Wood Log Seasoned Wood Plank.png Seasoned Wood Plank
Tier 4 Linen Scrap.png Linen Scrap Bolt of Linen.png Bolt of Linen Spool of Linen Thread.png Spool of Linen Thread Platinum Ore.png Platinum Ore Lump of Coal.png Lump of Primordium Platinum Ingot.png Platinum Ingot
Darksteel Ingot.png Darksteel Ingot
Rugged Leather Section.png Rugged Leather Section Cured Rugged Leather Square.png Cured Rugged Leather Square Hard Wood Log.png Hard Wood Log Hard Wood Plank.png Hard Wood Plank
Tier 5 Silk Scrap.png Silk Scrap Bolt of Silk.png Bolt of Silk Spool of Silk Thread.png Spool of Silk Thread Mithril Ore.png Mithril Ore Mithril Ingot.png Mithril Ingot Thick Leather Section.png Thick Leather Section Cured Thick Leather Square.png Cured Thick Leather Square Elder Wood Log.png Elder Wood Log Elder Wood Plank.png Elder Wood Plank
Tier 6 Gossamer Scrap.png Gossamer Scrap Bolt of Gossamer.png Bolt of Gossamer Spool of Gossamer Thread.png Spool of Gossamer Thread Orichalcum Ore.png Orichalcum Ore Orichalcum Ingot.png Orichalcum Ingot Hardened Leather Section.png Hardened Leather Section Cured Hardened Leather Square.png Cured Hardened Leather Square Ancient Wood Log.png Ancient Wood Log Ancient Wood Plank.png Ancient Wood Plank

Fine crafting materials[edit]

Fine Crafting Materials
Bones Claws Dust Fangs Scales Totems Venom Sacs Vials of Blood
Tier 1 Bone Chip.png Bone Chip Tiny Claw.png Tiny Claw Pile of Glittering Dust.png Pile of Glittering Dust Tiny Fang.png Tiny Fang Tiny Scale.png Tiny Scale Tiny Totem.png Tiny Totem Tiny Venom Sac.png Tiny Venom Sac Vial of Weak Blood.png Vial of Weak Blood
Tier 2 Bone Shard.png Bone Shard Small Claw.png Small Claw Pile of Shimmering Dust.png Pile of Shimmering Dust Small Fang.png Small Fang Small Scale.png Small Scale Small Totem.png Small Totem Small Venom Sac.png Small Venom Sac Vial of Thin Blood.png Vial of Thin Blood
Tier 3 Bone.png Bone Claw.png Claw Pile of Radiant Dust.png Pile of Radiant Dust Fang.png Fang Scale.png Scale Totem.png Totem Venom Sac.png Venom Sac Vial of Blood.png Vial of Blood
Tier 4 Heavy Bone.png Heavy Bone Sharp Claw.png Sharp Claw Pile of Luminous Dust.png Pile of Luminous Dust Sharp Fang.png Sharp Fang Smooth Scale.png Smooth Scale Engraved Totem.png Engraved Totem Full Venom Sac.png Full Venom Sac Vial of Thick Blood.png Vial of Thick Blood
Tier 5 Large Bone.png Large Bone Large Claw.png Large Claw Pile of Incandescent Dust.png Pile of Incandescent Dust Large Fang.png Large Fang Large Scale.png Large Scale Intricate Totem.png Intricate Totem Potent Venom Sac.png Potent Venom Sac Vial of Potent Blood.png Vial of Potent Blood
Tier 6 Ancient Bone.png Ancient Bone Vicious Claw.png Vicious Claw Pile of Crystalline Dust.png Pile of Crystalline Dust Vicious Fang.png Vicious Fang Armored Scale.png Armored Scale Elaborate Totem.png Elaborate Totem Powerful Venom Sac.png Powerful Venom Sac Vial of Powerful Blood.png Vial of Powerful Blood

List of salvage items[edit]

Tier 1 (Copper coin) Tier 2 (10 Copper coin) Tier 3 (14 Copper coin) Tier 4 (18 Copper coin) Tier 5 (21 Copper coin) Tier 6 (25 Copper coin)
Bit of Metal Scrap.png Bit of Metal Scrap Pile of Metal Scrap.png Pile of Metal Scrap Jagged Metal Scrap.png Jagged Metal Scrap Metal Scrap.png Metal Scrap Salvageable Metal Scrap.png Salvageable Metal Scrap Valuable Metal Scrap.png Valuable Metal Scrap
Brittle Clump of Ore.png Brittle Clump of Ore Weak Clump of Ore.png Weak Clump of Ore Bit of Metal Scrap.png Clump of Ore Laden Clump of Ore.png Laden Clump of Ore Loaded Clump of Ore.png Loaded Clump of Ore Rich Clump of Ore.png Rich Clump of Ore
Rawhide Leather Strap.png Rawhide Leather Strap Thin Leather Strap.png Thin Leather Strap Coarse Leather Strap.png Coarse Leather Strap Thick Leather Strap.png Thick Leather Strap Rugged Leather Strap.png Rugged Leather Strap Hard Leather Strap.png Hard Leather Strap
Shredded Garment.png Shredded Garment Worn Garment.png Worn Garment Ragged Garment.png Ragged Garment Frayed Garment.png Frayed Garment Torn Garment.png Torn Garment Discarded Garment.png Discarded Garment
Shredded Rag.png Shredded Rag Worn Rag.png Worn Rag Soiled Rag.png Soiled Rag Frayed Rag.png Frayed Rag Torn Rag.png Torn Rag Rag.png Rag
Tattered Hide.png Tattered Hide Ripped Hide.png Ripped Hide Torn Hide.png Torn Hide Frayed Hide.png Frayed Hide Filthy Hide.png Filthy Hide Salvageable Hide.png Salvageable Hide
Tattered Pelt.png Tattered Pelt Ripped Pelt.png Ripped Pelt Torn Pelt.png Torn Pelt Frayed Pelt.png Frayed Pelt Filthy Pelt.png Filthy Pelt Salvageable Pelt.png Salvageable Pelt

Tiers vs Levels[edit]

Tiers vs Levels
Crafting Level
Tier 1 0-74 1-15
Tier 2 75-149 16-30
Tier 3 150-224 31-45
Tier 4 225-299 46-60
Tier 5 300-374 61-75
Tier 6 375-400 76-80

Bag Size prefixes[edit]

Bag Size prefixes
Prefix Tier
Tiny 1
Small 2
Light 3
Medium 4
Large 5
Heavy 5 and some 6

Merchant templates[edit]

Merchant/Standard merchant X (Expl.)
Name Info
- All items available
1 Just 5 items. Leather Bag, Crude Salvage Kit, Copper gathering tools
2 Iron & Copper. No Fine Salvage Kit
3 Iron & Steel
4 Steel & Darksteel
5 Copper, Iron, Steel, Darksteel, Orichalcum. All Salvage Kits
6 Mithril & Orichalcum. All Salvage Kits
7 Darksteel & Mithril. All Salvage Kits

Drops templates[edit]

Crafting Materials
Level Drops
Tier 1 1-15 Tiny Scale.png Tiny Scale
Tier 2 16-30 Small Scale.png Small Scale
Tier 3 31-45 Scale.png Scale
Tier 4 46-60 Smooth Scale.png Smooth Scale
Tier 5 61-75 Large Scale.png Large Scale
Tier 6 76-80 Armored Scale.png Armored Scale

Dialogue icons[edit]

Parameter Icon
back Talk back option tango.png
charm Charisma
choice Talk quest choice tango.png
combat Talk combat option tango.png
give Talk give option tango.png
dignity Dignity
end Talk end option tango.png
ferocity Ferocity
heartno Incomplete heart (map icon).png
heartyes Complete heart (map icon).png
karma Karma.png
merchant Talk Merchant.png
more Talk more option tango.png
quest Talk quest option tango.png
ready Talk ready option.png
skillno Skill.png
skillyes Skill.png
yes Tick green.png

Dynamic event icons[edit]

Parameter Icon
boss Event boss (tango icon).png
cog Event cog (tango icon).png
collect Event collect (tango icon).png
fist Event fist (tango icon).png
flag Event flag (tango icon).png
shield Event shield (tango icon).png
star Event star (tango icon).png
swords Event swords (tango icon).png
wrench Event wrench (map icon).png
success Talk more option tango.png
failure Talk more option tango red.png