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Hello, My name is Ivan; however, I have the real life and in game nickname of Headache. It originated because I suffer from migraine headaches frequently and it kind of just stuck. I'm an avid player of Guild Wars 1, at least until the release of Guild Wars 2, and my main is A Massive headache. I am a huge Guild Wars fan, having achieved 50/50 HoM and the GWAMM title in the first game. Necromancers have always been and probably always will be my favorite profession/class to play as and in Guild Wars 2 my main will be an asuran necromancer, I love how they're so smart and know it all-ish, and kind of seem to have a form of ADHD, those traits kind of reminds me of myself. My main alts will be a norn thief, charr engineer, and sylvari guardian, but I do intend to play every profession and cover all 5 races. Speak of Races, I hope tengu become playable at some point in time. I don't intend to edit much of the wiki, I'd rather leave it to someone who knows what they're doing than me screw it up; however, if I see something that is incorrect, I will make a note of it on a talk page, or will make the change if I feel I can. and that's all I have to say about myself. Also, I believe that the mesmer is the 8th profession.

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