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{{Upgrade component infobox
| icon = Skill.png
| variables = {{item stat|power|0}} {{item stat|precision|0}} {{item stat|critical damage|0}}
| type = 
| rarity = 
| level = 
| bound = 
| cost = 
| value = 
| infusion = 
| key =

The Berserker upgrade component is a triple attribute component that can be added to weapons, armour, trinkets, accessories and amulets.

+Any other general blurb that may be relevant.
The infobox template would be an adapted version of the Upgrade Component one to include details like prefixes, suffixes, major and minor stats.
Consider including variables such as: Available from Dungeon, Karma Vendor, Craftable, Loot, Drops, Gathering? (Basic yes/no for at-a-glance overview, detailed information down the page and easily accessible through the page Contents menu.)


This stat mod can be acquired on an item via random loot drop / zone completion reward / karma vendor / laurels / dungeon tokens / selling your soul to the devil / blabla whatever. It can also be obtained through crafting at various levels of armour and rarity.

Subsections to include more details on specific means of acquisition, organised from most useful / best chance down to other means.

Acquisition via purchase[edit]

A general list or table of the specific vendors that sell weapons/armour with this mod, possibly including item and rarity level (if relevant, if they're all the same rarity and level it may as well be left out).

Acquisition via crafting[edit]

Blabla, list the insignias etc. with this modifier here. It could be limited to a simple list of mods with this stat (all linked), or it could be organised into a small table that lists the items along with the required items to craft it (+whatever else may be deemed relevant enough, like the required crafting discipline and armour type).
Suggestion: organise per crafting discipline, also to include Mystic Forge recipes.

Acquisition via loot drop[edit]

A list / table / overview of explorable areas, dungeons or specific fractals that offer a chance of dropping an item with this modifier. (If relevant.)



  • Elv was too lazy to make templates and tables for the sandbox example.


  • Setting up all prefix modifiers like this may be a deal of work.
  • Discussion page open for input.

See also[edit]

A list with links of secondary information articles that may also be of interest.