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Mesmer tango icon 200px.png   Myaka Hyourin   Human tango icon 200px.png

"Admit it, you're proficient at pain."

User DotSEA Myaka.png

  • Update Date: January 16th, 2014
  • Current Status: Active
  • Mesmer
  • Level 80, Human
  • Gender: Female.png
  • Birthday: September 16, 2012
  • Age: 7 years and 30 days
Biography Lyssa.png Biography Nobility.png Biography Missed Opportunity.png Biography Charm.png Biography Fanged Dread.png
I'm Myaka Hyourin
Everyone said I was blessed by Lyssa when I was young. Though trouble may follow me, I overcome it with charm.
I was raised among the nobility. One of my biggest regrets is that I passed up an opportunity to perform in the circus.
A mesmer's mask creates an image. I choose to look out from behind a Fanged Dread.
This is my story.
  • Crafting:
0 Armorsmithing
0 Weaponsmithing
0 Huntsman
0 Leatherworking
400 Tailor
0 Artificer
400 Jeweler
400 Cooking
  • Armour:
Knight armor, Berserker trinkets
  • Weapons:
Cobalt, Toy Sword, Bell Focus
  • Accomplishments:
Portaling like a boss
  • Goals:
Have a good time
More Precursor drops
User DotSEA Myaka Idle.jpg
Map Exploration
Complete heart (map icon).png 68/301   Waypoint (map icon).png 214/507   Point of interest.png 155/719   Skill point.png 51/202   Vista.png 31/266